Pre-Conference Workshops

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Level up Your Product Management Skills

Dive deep into some new product management skills with our pre-conference workshops on 19th April 2018:


User Story Mapping (with Jeff Patton)

Ideal Agile development teams build small valuable chunks of functionality. But, that’s easier said than done. Not all products or features are small and breaking them down into small buildable parts is challenging. And, even when you do, how do the people building those small parts not lose sight of the big picture? Story mapping is a simple practice for telling the story of a whole product or feature starting by telling the stories of the users who’ll use it. In this fast-paced workshop you’ll learn the concepts of story mapping by building a map collaboratively with others. You’ll learn advanced techniques for slicing a map to find small viable product releases, and then how to build your product using smaller stories without losing sight of the big picture.


Product Roadmapping (with C. Todd Lombardo)

Ask 10 people what a product roadmap is and you will get 10 different answers! This artifact is often misunderstood, yet an incredibly powerful if done right. Creating a great one is part art and part science. In this full-day session, we will talk through the purposes of a roadmap and a process for establishing your product’s vision, gaining alignment with your stakeholders, validating themes, and presenting to upper level execs in order to maximize your team’s impact.


Stakeholder Management for Product Leaders (with Julia Whitney)

Whether you’ve already been a Head of Product for a few years, or are new to the job, stakeholder management is one the biggest factors in your success as a product leader. But many product leaders say it’s also one of their biggest challenges. This workshop is designed to increase your knowledge and skills, and to give you practical tools to address these challenges, and to turn your relationships with stakeholders into productive and rewarding parts of your role.  


Product Management Essentials (with Rosemary King)

Whether you’ve got a few years under your belt or are new to product management, this workshop will bring you up to speed on all the essentials you’ll need to know about being an awesome Product Manager. The workshop delves deep into topics such as: the definition of products and product management; the importance of communication with customers; user personas and how to utilize them; the connection between business and product; how to use metrics and KPIs to stay on track; and how to condense your knowledge into user stories to share with your teammates.


Data Visualisation Basics (with Stefanie Posavec)

A workshop for people from all backgrounds who want to better understand the data visualisation design process and its best practics in a very hands-on way: through drawing! This workshop will guide its attendees through the analysis of a dataset to the design and implementation of their own custom visualisation method, at the same time offering insights into the design principles that are integral to creating a successful visualisation regardless of function. The entire workshop will be off-screen, using nothing more than basic drawing materials and office supplies. No coding skills, design skills, or data skills needed: the only requirement is an interest in data visualization. Drawing materials will be supplied.



Visual Thinking for Product People (with Britta Ullrich)

How to communicate complex ideas in an engaging and understandable way: This intense 4-hour workshop is designed for product people who want to use the power of visual language in their work environment. You’ll learn how to use visualization techniques to communicate your ideas and to create engaging presentations and meetings.


Visual Thinking for Product People (a half-day workshop) will be held at:

XING ES, Dammtorstrasse 30, 20354 Hamburg


All other workshops are at the conference venue:

Katholische Akademie, Herrengraben 4, 20459 Hamburg



The workshops at the Katholische Akademie will start at 9:30 with registration starting at 8:30.

The workshop at XING E-recruiting will start at 13:00 with registration starting at 12:30.

Tea, coffee and drinks and breakfast snacks will be available on the day along with lunch. The workshops will end latest 17:00.


Workshop + Conference = Separate Tickets

You should of course also join us at the conference the day after these workshops but tickets are completely separate. Conference tickets do NOT give you access to workshops, nor do workshop tickets give you access to the conference.