The world is colorful, why shouldn’t our users be? Written by petrawille on January 14, 2018

Modern corporate culture is slowly wrapping its head around the benefits of highly diverse teams (stretching from gender to personality types). But where do we stand with spotting and embracing that same diversity and complexity of our users? Might our carefully curated list of personas be giving us a false sense of security? Are we merely indulging in the positive feedback we receive in our in-house usability labs? Are we trusting the opinion of one user from within our echo chamber more than the feedback from a hundred faceless ones?

In the session, we will take a look at the key learnings my team and I have gathered developing products for very specific target groups over the past two years. We will also discuss the question of how we as Product People can move on from here. How can we drill deeper into the complex landscape of our user’s needs, motivators and inhibitors and thereby move from a user-centric to a people-centric way of working while not overstepping ethical boundaries when targeting those exact users in an increasingly personalized way?

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Mirja Bester