Diogo Rendeiro

Diogo Rendeiro
  • Product Manager at Feedzai
  • Company: Feedzai
Engineer by training, Product hobbyist at heart, I see design & business puzzles everywhere: What makes or breaks the experience of breaking in new shoes? What are the key USPs of local coffeeshops? 
Got into Product when I traded the suit & tie attire of consulting for a ticket to Berlin and a Zalando hoodie. Working in eCommerce logistics I tackled different product challenges: fine-tuned workflow algorithms, launched express delivery in 15 countries, and shipped new UI that warehouse workers love to use. 
An advocate for growing talent in-house, I structured, hired for, and led a rotational trainee program and mentored aspiring product managers working in different departments and teams.
Back to Lisbon and still wearing a hoodie, I manage AI powered products at Feedzai that make online payments safer for everyone. 
Currently working on data visualisations that will help fraud analysts glean insights and better understand fraud patterns.