Blind Date Dinners

You are welcome to sign up for a curated blind date on the evening before the event, April 19th: We will put together groups of 8-10 product people who probably do not know each other yet and send you to some of our favorite restaurants in Hamburg where we have booked a table for you. The rest is up to you: eat & drink what you like and pay for it yourself. You stay as long as you like and ideally already make some new contacts that you can catch up with during the conference or that you can introduce to your colleagues & older contacts.

We’ve experienced this format at the amazing The Conference in Malmö/Sweden where we met many great people during such dinners. And the Product Blind Dates last year were a great success. Some participants even decided to meet again without our help.

The Blind Date Dinners are open to all Workshop & Conference Participants. We will inform you on April 18th where your dinner will take place and who else will be joining.

Sign up


After Conference Party

Once the conference is over we want to end the day with a product party at Westwerk, one of Hamburgs oldest and nicest arts venues just around the corner from the conference. Entrance will be possible for all conference or workshop participants. Please bring your badge!


Bunthaus, our favourite craft brewers from Hamburg will serve some of their best products out of their custom made beer bike and of course there will also be other drinks and food.

You can chat with speakers & attendees or do the “Product Dance”, aka dance to product managers on the decks.


Sightseeing in Hamburg

We think Hamburg is a lovely city to visit. But sometimes it´s hard to experience “the real Hamburg” if you are just a tourist. We want you to feel more like a local so we’ve put together a Google Map with many tips for your stay.