MTP Engage Hamburg Team

MTP Engage Team HH
MTP Engage is organized and curated by Arne Kittler & Petra Wille. Both passionate Product People from the Hamburg product scene.

And of all of this would not be possible without the help of many people. We are standing on the shoulders of giants: the MTP London team helped us a lot and of course we lean on friends and colleagues plus many Volunteers from all over Germany.

On stage moderation

Marc Kadish, Arne Kittler & Petra Wille

Volunteers Coordination

Thomas Kern & Lisa Radel

Blind Date Coordination & DJing

Björn-Torge Schulz


Alexander Hipp

Our Volunteers

About Mind the Product

MindTheProduct is an international product community. Started in 2010 with the very first ProductTank meetup in London and followed by the Mind the Product Conference in 2012 it has now grown to consist of over 50,000 members and sold out events in 100+ cities around the world.

And we want to grow and nurture the product management community around the world! So we continue with the ProductTanks all over the world, organize the two big conferences MTP London and MTP San Francisco plus we offer content worth reading for the product community. On our Blog and in our Newsletter.

And in 2016 we’ve decided to offer another format to the product world: bigger than the product tanks and smaller than the conferences. More engaging and focused on the needs of the local community. This is one reason why we started MTP Engage with the help of the Hamburg team.